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・CW748 "Sazanami denim" is made by beating the weft of wool into the warp of denim.This product, which has a ripple-like unevenness, has a different presence from ordinary denim weft wool products.Unlike the profound appearance, this product feels light when you put it on, and is ideal for jackets and coats.Please enjoy "Sazanami Denim" where you can feel the warmth of wool.
・SK60609 It is 6oz light weight denim using the 100% silk weft yarn.You can enjoy the elegant luster and drape of silk.Also, using 60/2 cotton warp yarn and indigo rope dyeing, the yarn is rounded, which also gives a glossy feel.This has become a special luxurious denim.
・AS1020CA Denim using the cashmere to the weft yarn.Cashmere, which is synonymous with high-end fabric, is used for the weft yarn, so please check the feel of cashmere's wonderful soft texture on your skin.


CW748 ヨコ糸ウールデニム

Cotton/Wool Wash Denim

120-124cm ワッシャー加工 綿52% ウール48% 10オンス

SK60609 60/2インディゴ シルク入 ライトデニム

60/2 Indigo Silk Light Denim

142-144cm サンフォ加工 綿60% シルク40% 6オンス

AS1020CA カシミヤ・コットンデニム

Cotton/Cashmere Denim(Cashmere20%)

140-142cm ワッシャー加工 綿80% カシミア20% 10オンス

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