WASHI (Japanese Paper)

Natural fibers born from Japanese paper are called "Shosenshi", which existed in Japan in the Nara period(1,300years ago) and are actually said to have a history older than hemp and cotton in Japan.In addition to the original characteristics of paper, which is "lightness", it is tough, has no fluff, is highly absorbent and quick-drying, and has excellent dye-ability.In addition, the raw material Manila hemp grows quickly, absorbs carbon dioxide well, and is biodegraded without generating harmful substances even when the yarn is incinerated, which is a dream ecology material that connects the earth to the next generation.

SLV709OJO ヨコOJOのセルヴィッチデニム

SHOWA Selvage Denim with OJO

76-78cm サンフォ加工 綿67% 分類外(紙)33% 12.5オンス

SP1000CUR 100/2ダンガリーwithキュアテックス

SUPIMA 100/2 Dungaree with CURETEX

148-150cm サンフォ加工 綿57% 分類外(紙)43% 4オンス

CM3340OJO トリプルデニムのヨコOJO

TRIPLE Denim with OJO

152-154cm サンフォ加工 綿60% 分類外(紙)40% 10.5オンス

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