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Toyota's old-fashioned automatic loom can be said to be the driving force behind the Japanese textile industry. It is still in operation in each textile producing area in Japan and produces traditional textiles. Showa's earliest loom, the , continues to weave selvage denim. Unlike modern computer-controlled looms, those are difficult looms whose quality depends on the experience and intuition of craftsmen, but the finished denim has the power to attract jeans enthusiasts and other overseas designers. "Selvage denim dyed in Kojima and woven in Kojima" is proud to be the one and only denim unique to Showa.

SLV7006 セルヴィッチデニム

SHOWA Selvage Denim

80-82cm サンフォ 綿100% 13.5オンス

SLV711ST セルヴィッチストレッチ

Selvage Stretch Denim

76-78cm サンフォ 綿95% ポリウレタン5% 12オンス

SLV6441 60/4使いのロクヨンセルヴィッチデニム

60/4 ROKUYON Selvage Denim

80-82cm サンフォ 綿100% 9.5オンス

SLV1620 6.5オンスセルヴィッチ三綾デニム

6.5oz Selvage 2x1 Denim

80-82cm サンフォ 綿100% 6.5オンス

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