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The first textile used by mankind was flax(linen).The fascinating thing about linen is that it is moisture wicking, breathable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and a good conductor of heat. Linen is cool in summer and warm in winter, making it a material for all seasons. In recent years, it has also become the most sustainable of all natural fibers because it grows with rain and light, and its stems, seeds, and roots can all be used without waste.

For Gauze series
The warp and weft are both made of 80/- combed yarn, which is very light and gives the fabric a refined and elegant feel. It is also washed, which gives it a gentle and soft texture. It looks more natural and elegant when used on women's shirts. This product is designed to have a soft texture, so please be careful not to get snagged or slip off when sewing.

L241 顔料染とインディゴロープ染色のリネンダンガリー

Pigment and indigo rope-dyed linen dungarees

144-146cm サンフォ加工 綿50% リネン50% 4オンス

LC2020 麻リッチデニム

Linen rich denim

138-140cm サンフォ加工 綿50% リネン50% 5.5オンス

CPL4066 コンパクトヤーンリネンのダンガリー

Compact Yarn Linen Dungarees

154-156cm サンフォ加工 綿63% リネン37% 4.5オンス

80802 80/-ファインダブルガーゼ

80/-Fine double gauze

130-132cm ワッシャー加工 綿100% 2.5オンス

80808 80/-ダブルガーゼ裏チェック

80/-Double gauze back check plaid

130-132cm ワッシャー加工 綿100% 2.5オンス

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