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The collection focuses on stretch denim made from carefully selected raw materials and processed to beautiful line and provide a comfortable fit. The lineup includes high-tension stretch denim with high versatility and high-quality denim made of 80/3 yarns which we have been focusing on for years to look beautiful.

80/3 series
To create a denim with a luxurious feel, we use three twisted Supima 80/- yarns dyed with indigo rope for the warp. By twisting three Supima yarns together, it becomes even more shiny and can be used for shirts and bottoms of high-end products.

HST7270 ハイテンションストレッチデニム

High-tension stretch denim

11P:100-104cm others:104-108cm ワッシャー加工 綿95% ポリウレタン5% 4.5オンス

CP2001ST ハイパワーストレッチ

High-power stretch

134-138cm サンフォ加工 綿63% ポリエステル35% ポリウレタン2% 7オンス

HST2000W スーパーソフトストレッチデニム

Super soft stretch

108-112cm サンフォ加工 綿65% ポリエステル33% ポリウレタン2% 8オンス

HST16511 ハイストレッチデニム

High stretch denim

114-118cm サンフォ加工 綿64% ポリエステル34% ポリウレタン2% 10オンス

SP8382 スーピマ80/3高密度ツイル

Supima Cotton 80/3 High Density Twill

136-138cm サンフォ加工 綿100% 6オンス

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