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Selvedge denim is woven on an old shuttling (GL-3), where each weft yarn is slowly hammered in, leaving the yarn to swell. This creates a unique texture. However, this kind of automatic loom has not been produced since 1980, and is now hard to find in the world. These vintage looms are adjusted and repaired on a daily basis by our skilled employees. We continue to weave the highly rare selvedge denim. However, it is difficult to maintain the same quality as latest looms. Unlike modern computer-controlled looms, those are difficult looms whose quality depends on the experience and intuition of craftsmen, but the finished denim has the power to attract jeans enthusiasts and other overseas designers. "Selvage denim dyed in Kojima and woven in Kojima" is proud to be the one and only denim unique to Showa.

Showa is a mill capable of integrated production, with facilities ranging from chain dyeing machines, washing process equipment. Because of our own production, we are able to provide the same quality of selvedge denim (Toyota GL-3) and W width denim (rapier loom).

SLV7006 13.5oz セルヴィッチデニム

13.5oz Selvedge Denim

80-82cm kサンフォ加工 綿100% 13.5オンス

W7006 13.5oz デニム

13.5oz Denim

152-154cm サンフォ加工 綿100% 13.5オンス

SLV711ST 12oz セルヴィッチストレッチデニム

12oz Selvedge Strech Denim

76-78cm サンフォ加工 綿95% ポリウレタン5% 12オンス

W711ST 12oz ストレッチデニム

12oz ストレッチデニム

146-150cm サンフォ加工 綿95% ポリウレタン5% 12オンス

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