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Both warp and weft yarns are 100% linen ultra-luxury denim. Rope dyeing 100% hemp yarn is very difficult and is not a technique that can be done anywhere. Showa's engineers boldly challenged this difficult dyeing, and finally completed the finest linen denim. Please enjoy this denim with its luster and suppleness. The is available in 10oz and the is available in 12.5oz, making it easy to use. In addition, linen + cotton and stretch products are also available.

L5714 リネン100% 10ozデニム

Linen100% 10oz Denim

116-118cm サンフォ リネン100% 10オンス

L5770 リネン100% 12.5ozデニム

Linen100% 12.5oz Denim

118-120cm サンフォ リネン100% 12.5オンス

L5771C リネン ヨコ綿デニム

Linen/Cotton Denim

114-116cm サンフォ リネン63% 綿37% 12オンス

SLV5771 リネン ヨコ綿セルヴィッチデニム

Linen/Cotton Selvage Denim

78-80cm サンフォ リネン63% 綿37% 12.5オンス

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