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Both warp and weft yarns with linen are super luxury 100% linen denim. It is very difficult to dye a 100% linen yarn with a rope dyeing machine, it is not a technology that can be done anywhere. Showa's technician boldly challenged this difficult dyeing, finally finished linen denim finished. Please enjoy this denim with shiny and flexibility inside while supple. <L5714> is 10 oz, <L 5770> is 12.5 oz and we are offering easy-to-use quality.

L5714 リネン100% 10ozデニム

Linen100% 10oz Denim

116-118cm サンフォ リネン100% 10オンス

L5770 リネン100% 12.5ozデニム

Linen100% 12.5oz Denim

118-120cm サンフォ リネン100% 12.5オンス

L5771C リネン ヨコ綿デニム

Linen/Cotton Denim

114-116cm サンフォ リネン63% 綿37% 12オンス

SLV5771 リネン ヨコ綿セルヴィッチデニム

Linen/Cotton Selvage Denim

78-80cm サンフォ リネン63% 綿37% 12.5オンス

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