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Jeans, which became popular during the American gold rush in the later half of the 18th century, were sewn with durable denim fabric and were characterized by being able to be worn for a long time.Denim is now an indispensable material for fashion, and it is now required to be comfortable and textured rather than durable.Showa specializes in light weight denim that is light and has a good texture to meet such request.Some materials, which are available in a wide variety of colors, do not transfer colors, so they are perfect not only for jeans but also for room wear.

7200 6オンスライトデニム

6oz Light Denim

118-120cm ワッシャーソフロン  綿100% 6オンス

5120 8オンスデニム

8oz Denim

114-116cm ワッシャーソフロン 綿100% 8オンス

BS4040 40/-インディゴツイル

40/- Indigo Twill

136-138cm ワッシャー 綿100% 3.5オンス

SP6144 60/-インディゴ・ロープ染色のツイル

60/- Super Fine Cotton Yarn Indigo Twill

130-132cm サンフォ 綿100% 3.0オンス

CP4044 コンパクトヤーンの高密度ツイル

High Density Twill of Compact Yarn

146-148cm サンフォ 綿100% 4.5オンス

SP8382 スーピマ80/3高密度ツイル

Supima Cotton 80/3 High Density Twill

136-138cm サンフォ 綿100% 6オンス

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