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A dungaree that is indispensable for casual shirts. The materials used in various items also change to various expressions just by changing the yarn of the raw fabric. At Showa, we make fabric suitable for casual shirts, beautiful fabric that can be used to make fashionable shirts and dresses for going out, and high-end fabric using silk. We have a wide variety of shirts that use indigo dye and are used to match jeans, as well as fabric that are incredibly textured as cotton.
8200 ダンガリー


118-120cm ワッシャーソフロン 綿100% 4.5オンス

SP6050MR 60/-インディゴ・ロープ染色のダンガリー

60/- Indigo Chain Dyed Dungaree

138-140cm サンフォ 綿100% 3オンス

CP4040 コンパクトヤーンの高密度ダンガリー

High Density Dungaree of Compact Yarn

148-150cm サンフォ 綿100% 4オンス

CPL4066 コンパクトヤーンとリネンのダンガリー

Dungaree with Compact Yarn and Linen

154-156cm サンフォ 綿63% リネン37% 4.5オンス

SP8331 スーピマ80/3のダンガリー

Supima 80/3 Dungaree

142-144cm サンフォ 綿100% 5.5オンス

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