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40/3 hard twist Twill

We further twisted and weave 40/3 pliers to make Boyle denim. The texture unique to strong twisting is distinctive, and there were inquiries from many designers even at the exhibition in Paris, France and Première Vision. Further developing color uses decolorable dye. While maintaining fastness, blasting and laser processing can also be used.

V4300 40/3追撚ツイル

40/3 hard twist Twill

146-148cm サンフォ コットン100% 10.5オンス

V4301ST 40/3追撚ツイルのストレッチ

40/3 hard twist Twill Stretch

142-146cm サンフォ コットン95% ポリウレタン5% 10.5オンス

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