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A shepherd of merino type grawn on organic farm which does not use chemical substances such as agricultural chemicals for 3 years on Tasmania Island in Australia. Especially fine wool of thin fibers, washable processing which does not impair the feeling of wool is applied, it is 100% wool denim made with unique technology of Showa.

Tasmania Merino Organic Fine Wool spun thought that this would make uneven thread of wool. We made a fabric that we thought would do it by recreating it three times from the thread. About half a year, the wool denim of uneven yarn that was completed in various research and finished is washable, it does not change at all, it keeps the radiance. As an ECO product, it also covers the warmth retaining and moisturizing properties of wool, also the antibacterial and deodorant characteristics, as a washable wool denim, it is an epoch-making product ever.

WOG100 オーガニックファインウールエコウォッシュデニム

Organic Fine Wool Eco Wash Denim

142-144cm サンフォ ウール100% 11オンス

WOG210 オーガニックファインウールエコウォッシュデニム

Organic Fine Wool Eco Wash Denim

150-152cm サンフォ ウール100% 9.5オンス

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